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I have been in help desk for almost 2 years, I am currently still there and managing a few systems. I have watched people who started with me move up ever fast as I stay in the same spot and the truth is its discouraging that you work so hard but are unable to get noticed. Within two years you should expect to go from helpdesk to desktop support and from desktop support to junior administration. This is something anyone can easily do if they know what to focus on.

The IT help desk career path is ideal for methodical problem-solvers with an aptitude for learning and quickly adapting new skills. Patience, resourcefulness and a desire to help others are desirable virtues in technical support and help desk roles. The program content is very impressive with focus on applied learning Mobile Developer and has been structured to address real world requirements. The hands-on assessments have been designed to simulate the actual experiences of IT Support. The need for more technical talent is a trend that is being seen across all industries, as businesses are looking for ways to improve their customer experience.

This IT Certificate program also aligns with the objectives covered by the newly updated CompTIA A+ certification. If you are an MSP and want to know more about our staffing offerings, check them out here. Just keep in mind though that there are numerous types of qualifications and certifications a technician can have. None of them however should be a requirement as most of the best IT workers are self-taught. At the end of the day, solving problems is the core component of a help desk technician’s role. And as the world gets more advanced, the complexity of technical problems increases as well.

Help Desk Technician Requirements & Skills 1

This may seem obvious, but you have to understand the product to explain it to the customer. I Mobile Developer took the network + class here because I want to take the test just to “fatten up” the resume.

I’m currently back in school to finish my bachelor’s degree but I still am unable to break through. When I do interview, I don’t have the “right” kind of networking experience. I have worked as a 1099 IT contractor, replacing networking equipment, running cables and troubleshooting. I would love to get a opportunity to learn more but the card have not been dealt that way. Doing these three things will enable you to move up the ranks much faster than most people even dream of.

We’ll promote your job, attract top talent, conduct initial evaluations and help you bring the right person onboard. This course is formatted into a two-hour instructional video followed by a final exam. What’s great about this setup is that you can access the video on a TV or mobile device. That way, participants can take the training home with them and complete it outside of work. If you can’t communicate the solution the customer needs, then working at a help desk will be a challenging feat. Customers don’t know the product as you do, so you need to explain IT terminology and workflows in a way that someone from the outside can understand.

  • The ability to be a team player and support your team members when they need help is a trait that will set you aside from other candidates.
  • The hands-on assessments have been designed to simulate the actual experiences of IT Support.
  • Help desk analysts, who may also be called computer or technical support specialists, provide technology help in person, over the telephone and via email.
  • The fun style of teaching makes the concepts easy to grasp and retain.
  • They can also learn how to use technology to communicate with customers in new ways, such as through social media or chatbots.

The truth, however, is that the people working for the organization are almost equally responsible for the conditions of their environment. Most managers look for people who are positive, easy-going, team players that are typically happy. A positive attitude can be contagious Become a Help Desk Engineer and passed on to the other team members, and this makes working with each other much more enjoyable. There are some hiring managers who are not aware of the most recent tech news, and holding such an accreditation, or having once held them can still indicate proficiency.

Help Desk Technician Requirements & Skills 2

Travels to other office locations if necessary to troubleshoot, and to deliver new or replacement equipment. Assists with install and upgrade of software programs as necessary. The course is instructed by Tareq who is an IT Professional with over 12 years of experience. He is very knowledgeable in his field and brings his knowledge and experience to this course. Domain Issues – Here you will learn about how to create a user and OU in Domain, issues with joining domains Bitlocker & how to suspend and get the Bitlocker Code, resetting password and other domain related issues. Virtualization Management – Virtualization is driving Information Technology to new heights.

  • Students learn how to respond to common help desk related issues with great customer service, critical thinking, remote support, and proper troubleshooting to resolve many IT related issues.
  • To recap, aspiring help desk analysts might find work with just a high school diploma and some experience, but many employers seek analysts who have some post-secondary education in a field such as computer science.
  • Flexibility to regularly rotate through different technical specialties and skill sets.

Learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions about becoming a help desk support professional below. A help desk technician must have both hard and soft skills because the position requires a strong technical understanding https://medvital.com.br/2021/10/14/the-remote-work-mega-guide/ as well as the ability to communicate clearly with others. For example, when a user has a question, the help desk technician must be able to diagnose the IT issue as well as explain the solution to the user.

IT Help Desk Courses & Training LinkedIn

The Help Desk Technician is a call center environment with performance measured by the volume and quality of issues resolved. Many companies require new technical staff to begin at the service desk before moving into other technical areas of a company. This provides an overview of how the organization works and what the customer expects from the technical department that can only be learned with hands-on experience. A generic help desk listing could include either of these skill levels, and some listings will require a bachelor’s degree in IT or a related field.

Check out these other blog posts to learn more about help desk analyst roles and responsibilities or top 10 skills your help desk staff need. This type of attitude and teamwork helps maintain a healthy work environment and build a strong cohesive team.

How To Become A Help Desk Engineer

These include interpersonal and problem-solving skills and knowledge of Windows operating systems and word processing software, computer hardware, and networking. In 2018, computer support specialists in general made a median annual salary of $53,470 per year, according to U.S. Help desk analysts, also known as help desk technicians, act as the point of contact between computer users and the information technology department. They communicate with customers to diagnose computer issues and assist with the setup, installation, and use of new software or hardware. Analysts typically work at remote locations, but they may travel to help clients or customers onsite.

This IT help desk technician job description template includes the list of most important IT help desk technician’s duties and responsibilities. Use it to save time, attract qualified candidates and hire best employees. CompTIA A+ also has a security lesson that teaches your reps how to properly handle sensitive information. It discusses some common threats most devices are exposed to and provides some best practices for securing valuable data. 92% of consumers expect your company to protect their information, and with this training, you can meet customer demand and differentiate your service team from competitors. Fortunately, there’s training that can teach your team how to use a help desk to optimize their workflow.

So, unless God himself gifted them with unlimited talent and brainpower, they’re likely to be self-disciplined and motivated. Respecting your customer will help you to support them effectively. Respecting your co-workers is also important and helps to foster a positive work environment as we talked about earlier.

Become a Help Desk Engineer

If there isn’t training nearby, you can self-study for the final exam using the ITIL Foundation book, offered both online and in hard copy. Help desk reps often will help one another in different situations to resolve user concerns. To achieve this common goal, you shouldn’t shy from using teamwork, and should feel empowered and comfortable enough to reach out to other members of the team when need be.

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The skills taught in this class are so very applicable to what I do. Take the advice they offer here, network, volunteer, create a network for testing at home, and don’t give up. I left policing for this 2 years ago and it has been the best career decision I’ve ever made. Learning the full stack of technologies will also give you a broader perspective on the industry. Not only will you be able to understand how modern networks work, but you’ll have the opportunity to get your feet wet in many different areas.

Even if you have to take a pay cut initially, the experience you’ll get will be well worth it in the near future. Basically, everyone in IT goes through the helpdesk or a similar entry-level position. However, some people stay stuck in entry-level roles for what seems like a lifetime and others go on to become systems engineers at top tech companies in just a few years.

  • If you are wondering what it takes to get a job with an IT help desk, keep reading to learn some traits help desk managers look for in their support team members.
  • In addition, technicians should have a strong technical understanding of technology, including the various hardware, software and networking systems being supported.
  • Research and compare the top-rated help desk technician training programs online and in your area.

VARs sell and install the manufacturer’s products for customers, who may or may not need help managing their network. If they do, they can outsource their IT department to an MSP and only keep one or two IT guys in-house. Here’s what you need to do to avoid getting stuck at your entry-level role and move up the industry faster than what most people would say is possible. Anyway, if you’ve read this far, you’re probably more like the second person. You want to move up the industry and eventually hold a top IT position. You’re always looking to get an edge on everybody else, or hunting for the next trend so you can jump on it before everyone else. All these roles have a lot of churn so there should be plenty of opportunities to move up in your company –no need to get your resume out there yet.

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Logs and tracks inquiries using a problem management database and maintains history records and related problem documentation. Provide customer communication on service calls received, in progress, and completed. Researches new and innovative solutions to the technical challenges that arise. Ensures stable, reliable production system operations by maintaining, supporting, and troubleshooting daily system processes. Escalates all problems beyond the scope of resolve to the next level of expertise. Troubleshoots isolates and reports problems with local area network and wide area network systems and equipment.

Become a Help Desk Engineer

However, a publication from Microsoft indicates that they have ceased offering and supporting many of the older certifications, and offers guidance on what else you can do to acquire accreditation. Finally, you may choose to advance your career by moving into a related field such as project management or IT management. This will require additional education and training, but it can lead to a more rewarding and challenging career. Service Desk Engineers must be able to quickly assess each situation they encounter and determine the best course of action to take.

1+ years’ experience or relative experience in a professional environment assisting users with IT needs and hands-on Desktop experience. Troubleshoot and resolve hardware-related problems both in person and remotely. Alison’s free online Hardware courses cover the essential physical and tangible components of a computer such as monitors, keyboards, computer data storage, graphic cards, sound cards, and the motherboard. They also have IT training classes that can teach you http://moirsintl.com/how-to-get-started-with-application-security about the hardware behind 3D printing. This course provides a comprehensive guide to troubleshooting a range of Windows 10 issues commonly encountered by IT professionals. This course provides Level 1 IT administrators with an overview of the most common end-user support requests related to Office 365. Get a quick recap of Office basics, including the features of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Sway, and Power BI.

This course helps you understand VPN terms and technologies, so you can configure a custom VPN solution. It covers protocols such Data processing as PPTP, L2TP over IPSec, OpenVPN, SSTP, and WireGuard, and shows how to use SSH to secure data travelling between systems.

An IT Help Desk Technician is responsible for providing technical support and assistance. They interact with customers by phone or in-person to resolve their computer problems related to software and hardware issues to help them get back up running smoothly again.

All help desk personnel need excellent problem-solving, communication and interpersonal skills, along with patience, a customer-friendly attitude and the ability to work in a team environment. Improving your help desk to better serve your customers can aid in your business’ growth. With more effective and streamlined interactions, you’ll be able to satisfy customers and potentially build long-lasting relationships from the reliability of your help desk. We hope your team can take these certification recommendations and achieve these possibilities. Customers want help from you fast, and their patience can run thin quickly if they’re left waiting too long for assistance. The more strategic you are with time management, the more efficient you’ll become when meeting customer needs.

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